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12 Days of Encouragement for Foster Parents

By December 19, 2019February 5th, 2020Blog, Free Resource

You are not alone!

We want you to know, we see you. We get you.

Deep in the trenches of foster parenting, it can be a lonely place to find yourself. The feelings of vulnerability, the struggle between loving the kids in your care deeply and yet finding yourself putting up walls to protect your heart, the unanswered questions, the unmet expectations, the pain of bringing trauma into your home, the concern about how it will affect your forever kids, the pain of saying goodbye: foster parenting is not for the faint of heart.

We are cheering you on, and God is faithful. No matter what the outcome, He is faithful.

Our prayer is that this resource will bring you encouragement and hope as you interact with truths from God’s Word. If you find yourself wanting more, we invite you to click through and listen to the podcast episodes and read the blog posts mentioned.

We’re here for you!

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