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Navigating Birth Parent Relationships

By July 11, 2019February 5th, 2020Blog, Free Resource

Navigating a relationship with your child’s birth parent can be difficult.

Many biological parents of the children in foster care that we all love grew up in and out of foster care and are caught in a hopeless cycle of substance abuse, addiction, and mental illness. They have few positive role models or safe people to call on in times of crisis and therefore, they are often unequipped to care for their children, even though they love them. Unfortunately, it’s in times of stress that they often default to what they have experienced in the past, and sadly, this can result in abuse or neglect of their children.

Navigating a relationship with your child’s birth parent or helping your children process their feelings about their birth parents is not easy, and we have a FREE resource to help you do exactly that.

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