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Your Church’s Guide to Involvement in National Foster Care Month This Year

By April 11, 2024Blog

National Foster Care Month is right around the corner in May. Does your church have a plan for engaging in the conversation?

The needs of those in the foster care community are important year-round, of course. But the month of May is a key opportunity to raise awareness throughout your church for how your congregation can become involved in meeting real needs present in your local community.

But the reality is that it can feel overwhelming to figure out how to best participate in a month like this. How do you meaningfully engage people in a way that raises awareness, captures their hearts, and extends beyond the month of May?

That’s where our brand new free resource comes in:

Introducing: Foster Care & The Church!


Foster Care & the Church is a 100% FREE 4-part video series to help your church engage with foster care. With National Foster Care Month quickly approaching, this is a great way to help your church engage in meaningful ways with those impacted by foster care.

Foster Care & the Church:

  • Is perfect for small groups, a series of classes, or a one-time event
  • Contains four videos with additional resources (including social media graphics, a church bulletin template, participant guides, and discussion questions)
  • Includes sessions on Understanding Foster Care, Gospel Expression, Loving Our Neighbors, and How to Engage Further.

The kit includes all the graphics, discussion guides, resources, and videos you need to see your church community engage in meaningful ways with those impacted by foster care. Designed for use in community, the goal is for this tool to provide a space for a transformative shift, aligning with the compassionate and service-oriented teachings of Jesus. Together, we aim to collectively embrace His heart of love and service, fostering a community where meaningful change takes root.

Get free access today!



Here at The Forgotten Initiative, our desire is to see the foster care community experiencing the love of Jesus through the Church. We want churches to feel empowered and equipped in their understanding of the complex dynamics at play for those impacted by foster care, common needs that are present for those in the foster care community, and practical ways that churches can make a lasting difference.

Our hope is that Foster Care & the Church does exactly that. There are some beautiful stories within the series, and I find myself tearing up every time I’ve watched through them.

Again, there is no cost to you. Once you create your account, you will have full access to all of the videos and additional materials so that you can review the material and make a plan for how to implement it.

You and your church are making a difference, and I hope this is a step that God can use to help you create an even deeper impact in your community! Get started here.

Jami Kaeb

Jami is the Founder and Executive Director of The Forgotten Initiative. Adoption, foster care, and advocacy were not part of Jami’s dreams for her life, but God changed her heart when He made her aware, and she is passionate about helping others become aware too! She and her husband Clint are parents to their seven children (five through adoption).

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