Journeying Through the Hard Goodbyes of Foster Care

By February 13, 2020March 12th, 2020Blog

Oh friend, if you are here, if you are in this place of getting ready to say goodbye or recently have, you are not alone.

We understand this is so hard. You may be wrecked to your core right now. Or maybe you’re struggling even to start grieving because you don’t want to feel the pain. Please know all the feelings you are working through right now are okay. Saying goodbye and then grieving the little one no longer in your home is okay and good.

Please know, as we pulled these articles together, we prayed for you. We prayed for the children you had to say goodbye to. We prayed for the adults who are now the full-time caretakers of your children. And we will pray for you as your journey through the hard goodbye continues.

We hope these resources are an encouragement to you in the midst of one of the most difficult things you will ever walk through.

Are you saying a hard goodbye right now? Here’s some encouragement.

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The Forgotten Podcast

Making a Difference in the Lives of Vulnerable Children

Angie Grant and her husband, Stan, have been foster parents for five years. Their third placement, a little girl, stayed in their home for two and a half years and then returned home. Although it was difficult to let their daughter go, Angie’s family cherishes the memories they made with her and believe that the time they had with her will make an indelible mark on her life for the good, because they did their best to love as Jesus loves: compassionately and with everything they had.

Our Cooper Crew

Letting Them Leave

“What you need to know is that my little ones didn’t want to leave. They wanted to stay with their first mommy and daddy and their brother and sister. They wanted to stay in the school where they played tag with their best friend at recess…

What you need to know is that my little one needs me to be strong. And if I must, I will let them leave with a smile on my face.”

Adam’s Notepad

When Foster Children Go Home

“Still, when it comes time to give children back to their parents, it’s not necessarily easy…Some may question the wisdom of giving the parents another chance. Even those who see that this truly is best may have reservations. And they will have difficulty saying “goodbye.””

My Lovely Crazy Life

Goodbye My Daughter

“Because fostering is not for the amazing super-parents, it is for the fighters and the passionate! Some days though are harder than others. Tomorrow I will say goodbye to my four year old child whom I have called ‘daughter’ for more than two years. A child, who has known no other family, will leave, without any guarantee of seeing us or her ever again.”


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