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Episode 178: The “Fun Circus” of Life as a Single Foster Dad (w/ Tyler Daily)

By April 10, 2023April 13th, 2023Podcast

Tyler Daily wasn’t planning on becoming a foster parent. But his work in education as a middle school teacher ended up becoming the gateway to foster care.

Foster parents are so important in the foster care community, and single foster parents are an incredible group of people. There is no specific data on the number of single foster parents nationwide; however, the 2019 Child Welfare Outcomes report shows that single parents make up 29% of the adoptive family structure with just 3% of that number being single men.

Parenting alone presents a lot of challenges that other foster parents may not encounter. As Tyler has fostered 7 children in the course of one year, he says, “It’s a circus, but it’s a fun circus!” I pray you are encouraged by his story and experience this week.


1. Anything can open the door.

We often share stories of people who have always had a heart for foster care and adoption. However, God also calls those who previously had no specific pull towards it. In Tyler’s case, it was his work as a teacher and reaching out to the kids that were getting into “trouble” that God used to inspire him to step up for a foster child, leading him on the path to showing up for many more.

“I’ve always been drawn to the troublemakers and the frequent flyers to the office. Everyone is angry at them at the moment; no one is there asking, ‘how are you doing?’”

2. Each time a child is moved can be so tough on them.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the foster care community. We don’t always know how long a placement will be or what a child has gone through. For the child, every event has the potential to create additional uncertainty or trauma. Each time they have to move to another home, another parent, or another school, they have to start over from scratch, which can be such a challenge.

“I don’t think there will ever be an easy time where there is a simple, ‘Yes, let’s do it.’ There will always be something trying to back you down from this.”

3. Be honest about what you can handle.

Many people don’t realize that there are many roles within the foster care community and, as a foster parent, you have the ability to set limits on what you can handle as far as age, special needs, etc. You might still be offered other placements, but it is okay to say no to something you don’t feel comfortable with. If you’ve been considering fostering as a single person, let Tyler’s story inspire you to consider taking that step!

“The best thing we can do is to be self-aware about the areas we are going to be able to be the best and where we are not.”


We hope this episode has helped you wherever you are on your foster care journey. That’s the goal! If so, will you tell others?

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Meet Our Guest

Tyler Daily is a middle school teacher and single foster parent. Tyler is working on a master’s in education. He came from a family of fellow educators, but he never imagined being a teacher would open the door to foster care. When a foster child at the school he was teaching at said he was going to be moved to another placement, Tyler moved into action as a “fictive kin” placement. Today, Tyler has fostered seven children in a single year including the three 12-year-old boys currently in his care.

Foster Parents, check with your agency to see if listening to this podcast will count toward your foster care training hours!

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