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Foster Care Support: 7 Primary Resources The Forgotten Initiative Provides

By May 23, 2024May 24th, 2024Blog

The Forgotten Initiative exists to help churches support foster care agencies across America. We are passionate about helping churches develop compassion and understanding for the foster care community and providing gospel-centered encouragement as they step in to meet the physical, relational, and spiritual needs of those in foster care. Together, we can help the foster care community feel seen and supported.

During the month of May, many people have foster care on their minds because of National Foster Care Awareness Month. But what happens to that interest after May? That spark needs to be fanned in order to become a flame that burns all year.

For those who are new to supporting the foster care community, it may be challenging to find resources. If you’ve been around here for a while, you may not know all the resources we have to offer!

Today, I want to cover 7 resources you should know about from The Forgotten Initiative:

1. Foster Care & the Church

Foster Care & the Church is a free, 4-part video series to help your church engage with foster care. This is a great way to help your church engage in meaningful ways with those impacted by foster care year-round.

Foster Care & the Church:

  • Is perfect for small groups, a series of classes, or a one-time event
  • Contains four videos with additional resources (including social media graphics, a church bulletin template, participant guides, and discussion questions)
  • Includes sessions on Understanding Foster Care, Gospel Expression, Loving Our Neighbors, and How to Engage Further.

The kit includes all the graphics, discussion guides, resources, and videos you need to see your church community engage in meaningful ways with those impacted by foster care. Designed for use in community, the goal for this series is to provide a space for a transformative shift within the hearts of your congregation, aligning with the compassionate and service-oriented teachings of Jesus. Together, we aim to collectively embrace His heart of love and service, fostering a community where meaningful change takes root.

Get free access today!

2. Local Advocate Ministries

This is the heart of our mission!

Our TFI Advocates connect churches and agencies to one another. They develop trusted relationships with an agency in their community by listening and learning. They then work with local church leaders, pointing out ways a church can utilize their gifts by coming alongside the needs of the agency.

Who knows, you may even be called to become a TFI Advocate yourself! Our applications will open up again in June, so it’s a great time to learn more about what this role includes.

Find a TFI Advocate in your area or you can learn more and sign up to be notified once applications open in June here.

3. The Forgotten Podcast

Whether you are brand new to supporting the foster care community, serving deep in the trenches as a foster parent, working as a social worker or ministry leader, or seeking direction on how to best advocate for those who feel forgotten in your community, The Forgotten Podcast is here for you!

Every Monday, we share a new story of the foster care community to inspire and encourage, and build awareness for the people of foster care.

Here are some great recent episodes to start with:

Listen to all past episodes here.

4. Just Neighbors Podcast

If you’ve loved following along with The Forgotten Podcast each week, I am excited to share that we just launched a SECOND podcast this month here at The Forgotten Initiative!

Just Neighbors is a podcast for every believer who has been transformed by the Gospel and desires to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God and their neighbors in need. Join hosts Jami Kaeb and Ryan MacDonald as they talk with leaders, pastors, and practitioners about how to live a life of biblical justice and compassion.

Start listening to Episode 1: The Surprising Connection Between Atonement and the Work of Justice (w/ Dr. Jeremy Treat).

5. Who Loves Series

The Who Loves Series is a collection of children’s books from The Forgotten Initiative.

Children in foster care typically have many individuals moving in and out of their lives. This constant change can lead to the false belief that no one loves them—it doesn’t even seem like anyone will stay with them for the long term.

The Who Loves series is designed specifically to give children a different perspective on the people they interact with while they are in foster care. Each person shows love and attention in different ways, by doing their job or providing protection. The overarching message to the child is You are worthy and you are loved, and we are all here to help bring about the best for you!

Order a single book or the whole collection of the Who Loves Series today!

6. Free Downloads

It can be difficult to find just the right resource along your foster care journey or to know how to best pray for those in the foster care community. That’s why we’ve created many resources to help those in various roles in the foster care community. You can get access to resources like 24 Scriptures to Pray Over Children in Foster Care, Questions You Should Ask When You Get Your First Placement Call, Navigating Birth Parent Relationships, and more!

Access all our free downloads here!

7. The Forgotten Initiative Blog

We are committed to telling the stories of the foster care community and providing helpful resources and encouragement. Our blog contains relevant articles for supporting the foster care community well.

Here are just a few of the types of blogs you can find:

Find all of our articles here!

We hope these resources can serve as a launching point as you discover what it means to be a part of the foster care community for this month and beyond! If you scroll down this page a little more, you’ll find a light blue box where you can sign-up for our newsletter. That’s one of the best ways to be notified when new resources are made available!

God is doing some incredible things across our nation as more and more people are stepping in to support the foster care community. It’s an honor to play a small part in that story He is telling.

Holly Gnuse

Holly is the Ministries Director here at The Forgotten Initiative. Holly grew up with a heart for adoption but didn’t know much about foster care. God used an internship with a child welfare agency to make her aware. Coupling that experience with knowing the joy of the Gospel, Holly is passionate about connecting the local church to the foster care community. Holly and her husband, Scott, were married in 2013 and are enjoying the crazy adventure of life together.

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