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Do You Have a Minute?

By May 11, 2020May 12th, 2020Blog

If you’re anything like me, the world is wearing you down right now.

COVID-19 was not on our radars for how we were going to spend 2020. I wasn’t planning on setting up an office in my kitchen to work from home. I wasn’t planning on missing the birth of my niece.

I’m sure there are things you weren’t planning on too.

Having kids home 24/7
Starting to homeschool
All of our kids’ sports being canceled
No graduations
No proms
No block parties

No… nothing. At least that is what it feels like.

These changes and shifts have taken their toll—some for the better, and many for the worse, unfortunately. A lot of us may have experienced more changes to our daily lives and our families in the last month than we may ever experience in the future.

Whiplash, anyone?

Seriously. I think there are some serious consequences to the rapid pace of change we’ve experienced recently.

I could use a little breather. Anyone else?

So instead of sharing stories about our foster care journeys, or tips and tricks about foster parenting, we want to give you just that—some space to breathe and to hear from God.

There is a one-minute timer at the bottom of this post. When you’re ready, I’d encourage you to take a deep breath, turn off your phone (it’s only one-minute, don’t worry), and make sure the kids are occupied (or involve them in this too). Hey, if you need to hide in the bathroom for a minute, we won’t judge you!

Then, close your eyes, and think of one reason you love God. What aspect of him do you enjoy most?

One minute of pausing your worries and your frantic pace to get everything done. One minute to breathe and look up, to reset your focus.

One minute to do nothing other than reconnect and slow down.

I hope that this minute is a blessing to you today!

Mitch Nelson

Whether he is drinking coffee or coming up with new ideas, Mitch is always looking for new ways TFI can grow. He is very involved at his church, Compass Church, and has led in both creative and pastoral ministries over the last several years. He and his wife Becky were married in April of 2018, and together they enjoy camping, live music, black coffee, and good books.

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