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Mother’s Day and Foster Care

By May 7, 2020May 20th, 2020Blog

Mother’s Day, a day set aside to honor and celebrate the amazing mothers in our lives. Women who have loved, cared, and sacrificed.

This day is also a day full of many emotions. For some, this day is joyful, happy, and full of pleasure. For others, it’s painful, sorrowful, and full of heartache. And for many, it’s a complex combination of these all.

Whether you’re a biological, adoptive, foster, or stepmom, you are MOM. Whether you are with your kids this Mother’s Day or separated from you (no matter the reason), we are so thankful to celebrate you!

Friend, if this day finds you with empty arms longing to be filled, we are with you in the grief and pain. You are seen and loved on this day, too!

No matter where you are, read these articles and know others are there with you, too. We are in this together, dear friend!

The Forgotten Initiative

Friends & Foster Care: What You Need Most

“I can appreciate the sentiment behind the intentionality of having a day to celebrate moms. But, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of Mother’s Day for me.

I received a note from a friend with these words, among others…

Whether this Mother’s Day finds you content or sad or somewhere in between, I want you to know that my life is better because you are a part of it.

This line stuck with me because honestly, I didn’t know whether the day found me content or sad or somewhere in between. I couldn’t sort out or pinpoint the emotion. She wasn’t assuming I’d be satisfied, and she wasn’t assuming I’d be sad. I appreciated this because it communicated that my identity was not tied to my role in life. She saw my value and worth in Christ.”

Foster Care For Real

Mother’s Day Truth

“We get to enjoy the presence of these amazing little humans, only because their biological mother couldn’t. And how hard is this day for her and for them? A day where she is supposed to be celebrated, she can’t even see her kids. A day where she is supposed to feel loved and cherished, she is staring down the road of her past, of failure and defeat. It is absolutely heartbreaking. Foster care is absolutely heartbreaking, and it wrecks me to my core.”

Healthy Lifestyle Mama

To the Foster Mom Without Kids This Mother’s Day

“To other foster moms who won’t have kids this year — I feel you. My heart goes out to you. Especially those who don’t have children of their own. I pray you give yourself a moment to mourn the loss of these kiddos who are no longer with you. But like me, try to remember the fun times. Maybe one day we will know the true impact we had on these kids.”

Foster the Family Blog

Mother’s Day for the (Foster + Adoptive) Mothers

“This thing that we do is beautiful and broken, joy-filled and heartbreaking. It can feel like work and like calling. It can seem deeply meaningful and like “what’s even the point.” Being a foster mother is ever, always more than one thing at once. Which means this “happy” day of celebration–Mother’s Day–is the same. For us–for the foster moms, the adoptive mothers–Mother’s Day doesn’t exist without brokenness and loss and a tangle of emotions.”


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