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Culture Cast

New Mercies

What are your goals personally and what are your goals for TFI this year? It takes time and intentionality to live intentionally and on purpose but it feels so good when we do this. As…
Jami Kaeb
January 5, 2022
Culture Cast

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork is essential to building a thriving ministry. But sometimes it is easy to bypass the work of investing in our teams because to do the work on our own is often faster and easier.…
Jami Kaeb
November 2, 2021
Culture Cast

Be Still

As ministry leaders who are busy with things outside of your role as an advocate, adding one more thing to your schedule can be a big deal. Our lives are not supposed to progress with…
Quinn Brewer
October 5, 2021

The Road Back to Reunification

Today I have a special conversation that I’m excited to share with you. Most often, we view the world of foster care through the lens of foster parents, former foster youth, or those that support…
Jami Kaeb
October 4, 2021